Simple Smoked Pulled Pork Butt (Smoked Pork Shoulder)

This simple smoked pulled pork recipe only requires á few pántry ingredients ánd á smoker to áchieve those melt-in-your-mouth stránds of tender pulled pork.


  • 1 8-10 pound bone-in pork shoulder roást AKA Boston butt
  • 2-3 Táblespoons yellow mustárd
  • 1/4 cup Homemáde BBQ Sweet Rub link in recipe notes
  • 1 Táblespoon Homemáde BBQ Sweet Rub for láter use


  1. Preheát your smoker to 225 degrees F for indirect smoking.
  2. Remove your roást from the páckáging ánd wipe it down on áll sides with páper towels, cleáning off ány smáll bone frágments or extrá liquid on the exterior.
  3. Sláther the entire exterior of the pork shoulder with the yellow mustárd.
  4. .....
  5. .....
  6. .....

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